Yakuza 0 Launches today on PC!

PC gamers today rejoice as they're finally able to play Yakuza 0! To be honest, I'm really not familiar with the Yakuza series and it never really peaked my interests. The combat looks fantastic as do the graphics, but this is PC so I can only assume that there will be mods in a week that make the game look even better.

Looking at the Steam page, the game is receiving positive reviews and many users are saying that the game runs smoothly at a proper PC standard of 60fps so if you're worried about another piss-poor port, I think your mind can be set to ease, unless you're the owner of one of those fancy 144hz monitors. I don't know what to tell you about that, but again, it's PC so maybe the frame-rate will be unlocked sooner than later. Does this title interest you? I"m curious about it. I never played a Yakuza title in my life so I want to hear your thoughts about the franchise.