PS4 System Software 6.0 Beta being dispatched. Check Your Email!

PS4 owners who have participated in past Playstation betas should've gotten an email from Sony today urging you to test out version 6.0! Unfortunately, they state that 6.0 will offer no major "consumer-facing" features during the beta. After the beta though? Maybe they'll introduce the long-awaited ability to change your PSN ID, who knows. Either way, it does go on to state they'll refine some smaller quality of life features and performance fixes. If they manage to get rid of that dreadful CE-34878-0 error that I and many others get fairly often, I would be so happy!

Either way, I've been invited to the beta myself, so I'll likely participate as usual. If I happen to stumble into any introduced hidden features during the beta, you can expect to find them on my blog here. The beta probably won't begin for another week or two; or maybe longer. We'll see!