God of War is the Fastest-Selling Exclusive in PlayStation History!

According to The NPD Group, God of War continues to be a leading title among their sales charts, second to only to Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch, which isn't a total surprise considering that Nintendo could sell Mario-related memorabilia in their sleep.

 In an interview with IGN after the June report came out yesterday, the NPD Group’s Matt Piscatella went on to say that God of War isn’t just the fastest-selling exclusive on the PS4, but is instead now the fast-selling in the history of PlayStation according to their numbers. Tracking for these statistics began back in 1995 and the previously held title of fastest-selling for PlayStation was held by The Last of Us when it launched on PS3 back in 2013.  “I currently project God of War finishing 2018 as the 8th best-selling game in the U.S. market, but a few more months of performance like this and I may have to raise those expectations,” Piscatella added.

It's genuinely been a great generation for those fortunate to buy a PS4.

If statistics and sales reports interest you, You may watch NPD's market highlights below: