A canceled South Park game for the GBC leaked online

Title screen

South Park is an unreleased 1998 video game based on the Comedy Central series of the same name, made for the Game Boy Color handheld system, developed by Acclaim Entertainment. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated that the game was aimed more towards children, which is odd considering the source material but it's intriguing nonetheless. Perhaps that's why the game was canceled? Who knows.

According to IGN, the game was to be released in 1999, which contradicts previous knowledge that it was to be released in 1998. A GiantBomb review was found that states that Acclaim's CEO at the time announced a direct sequel to be released in 2000. The JJ Games listing also included a list price of $29.99 and the main description of the title reads "From the deep reaches of space, a horror approaches. Once in a great while, the malevolent forces of the Universe combine to form a force of evil so concentrated, so pure, that no bastion of goodness and decency can stand against it. It hurls through the Universe toward its destination ... the planet Earth. The town to be victimized ... South Park, Colorado. A quaint little town, nestled in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Where better to terrorize good and decent folk ... Yeah, right!” - Sounds an awful lot like the title that came out for the N64, doesn't it?

Where can you find the rom for this title to try for yourself? Well, that's for you to discover! I'm not entirely sure if it's legal to link the game here so I won't and will instead tell you to hunt for it at your own risk. I haven't played it myself, but I'll keep the game in mind. I plan on doing some huge related articles in the near-future.