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A long-lost 16-bit game from 1994 will finally be released!

Project Hardcore (working title) is the 2019 incarnation of a "Metroidvania" game developed by DICE that was originally set to be published by Psygnosis on the Mega Drive. Now, it's coming to PS4 and Vita. Why the title was canceled back in the day is beyond my understanding, but it looks fantastic. Just look at the gameplay footage below:

If anyone has any stories or information regarding why the game was originally canceled, I'd love to hear them! Regardless, the game looks like my cup of tea so I'll be keeping my eye on it. Hopefully, it won't get canceled the second time around.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Trailer

This game is looking fantastic! Are you excited to play it? What's one thing you hope to see within the game?

A canceled South Park game for the GBC leaked online

South Park is an unreleased 1998 video game based on the Comedy Central series of the same name, made for the Game Boy Color handheld system, developed by Acclaim Entertainment. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated that the game was aimed more towards children, which is odd considering the source material but it's intriguing nonetheless. Perhaps that's why the game was canceled? Who knows.

According to IGN, the game was to be released in 1999, which contradicts previous knowledge that it was to be released in 1998. A GiantBomb review was found that states that Acclaim's CEO at the time announced a direct sequel to be released in 2000. The JJ Games listing also included a list price of $29.99 and the main description of the title reads "From the deep reaches of space, a horror approaches. Once in a great while, the malevolent forces of the Universe combine to form a force of evil so concentrated, so pure, that no bastion of goodness and decency…

Steam Sales - Save 50% on Street Fighter V on PC, play for free until the 6th

Currently, Street Fighter V has mixed reviews on Steam. Taking them into consideration, it appears that most reviews are bashing the game's terrible DLC business practices. Other than that, the game appears to be a decent PC port, and you can test it for yourself because the game is currently free-to-play starting now, Aug. 2 - Aug. 6th. You may visit the store page for more information. - here.

Gamefly is shutting down their video game streaming service this month

Messages are being sent out to subscribers of the service and their support line also speaks about the discontinuation. The last day of support for the streaming service will be on August 31 and accounts will not be charged after that date. Fortunately, the company plans to continue its disc-based game rentals. Reasoning to why they're shutting down the service is still unclear but if one's to speculate, it could be because these streaming services generally aren't the best way to play games, as they introduce input lag, reduced image quality and other various issues.
You can read more about this story - here.

God of War is the Fastest-Selling Exclusive in PlayStation History!

According to The NPD Group, God of War continues to be a leading title among their sales charts, second to only to Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch, which isn't a total surprise considering that Nintendo could sell Mario-related memorabilia in their sleep.

 In an interview with IGN after the June report came out yesterday, the NPD Group’s Matt Piscatella went on to say that God of War isn’t just the fastest-selling exclusive on the PS4, but is instead now the fast-selling in the history of PlayStation according to their numbers. Tracking for these statistics began back in 1995 and the previously held title of fastest-selling for PlayStation was held by The Last of Us when it launched on PS3 back in 2013.  “I currently project God of War finishing 2018 as the 8th best-selling game in the U.S. market, but a few more months of performance like this and I may have to raise those expectations,” Piscatella added.

It's genuinely been a great generation for those fortu…

Perfect World Entertainment announces another battle royale, "Farside" for PS4 and PC

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Dark Horse Games have announced another battle royale title set to compete with many others called "Farside": An Athletic Game. It was revealed at the 2018 PlayStation China Press Conference. It will apparently launch worldwide sometime this year on the PC and PS4.

Also, I would like to apologize for the shoddy footage presented below. I'm not sure if the actual reveal trailer was that bad but I'm giving them my reason of a doubt. If a better video appears, I will update this post. Until then, you'll have to settle - I'm sorry.

Deadly Venom's own Shinnox takes a look at a new Mortal Kombat X collectable card game from Jasco Games

Jasco Games - a leading publisher and designer of board games, competitive card games and more, recently came out with an amazing looking collectable card game based in the Mortal Kombat X universe! If you aren't aware of the company or their creations, I highly recommend that you go check them out on their website or follow them on Twitter! Megaman, Top Gun, Street Fighter, and Cowboy Bebop are among some of the names that may peak your interests.

Anyway, Shinnox himself managed to snag a MKX box of his own and you can watch it in its entirety in the video above. In my own personal opinion, the artwork is fantastic and is, without a doubt the best I've ever seen. I'm especially in love with the Raiden holo/foil that you'll be able to see in the video and unfortunately, no matter how much I begged Shinnox for it, he wouldn't part with it. Nonetheless, There's a ton of interesting cards in there besides the thunder god, trust me. I don't collect…

Spyro Reignited Trilogy will require you to download extra content to play Spyro 2 and 3

Those who have bandwidth caps and troubled internet, be warned! Spyro: Reignited Trilogy will require you to download data required  to play Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, as revealed on the their official website.

It's not a huge deal-breaker though since the original Spyro the Dragon will be playable straight from the disc! I feel sorry for those who have bandwidth caps, but you'll find a way. After all, it's Spyro in glorious modern-gen, you won't miss it, will ya?

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, provided that nothing goes wrong, will launch for the  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 21. Mark your calenders!

Yakuza 0 Launches today on PC!

PC gamers today rejoice as they're finally able to play Yakuza 0! To be honest, I'm really not familiar with the Yakuza series and it never really peaked my interests. The combat looks fantastic as do the graphics, but this is PC so I can only assume that there will be mods in a week that make the game look even better.

Looking at the Steam page, the game is receiving positive reviews and many users are saying that the game runs smoothly at a proper PC standard of 60fps so if you're worried about another piss-poor port, I think your mind can be set to ease, unless you're the owner of one of those fancy 144hz monitors. I don't know what to tell you about that, but again, it's PC so maybe the frame-rate will be unlocked sooner than later. Does this title interest you? I"m curious about it. I never played a Yakuza title in my life so I want to hear your thoughts about the franchise.

PS4 System Software 6.0 Beta being dispatched. Check Your Email!

PS4 owners who have participated in past Playstation betas should've gotten an email from Sony today urging you to test out version 6.0! Unfortunately, they state that 6.0 will offer no major "consumer-facing" features during the beta. After the beta though? Maybe they'll introduce the long-awaited ability to change your PSN ID, who knows. Either way, it does go on to state they'll refine some smaller quality of life features and performance fixes. If they manage to get rid of that dreadful CE-34878-0 error that I and many others get fairly often, I would be so happy!

Either way, I've been invited to the beta myself, so I'll likely participate as usual. If I happen to stumble into any introduced hidden features during the beta, you can expect to find them on my blog here. The beta probably won't begin for another week or two; or maybe longer. We'll see!

Fortnite 5.10 Content Update is live! Guided Missile Returns, Added Jetpack Game Mode And More!

Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. Following the recent update 5.10, content update 5.10 marks the start of a new limited-time mode called Fly Explosives, which involves using jetpacks to cause mayhem. The update also pulls the Guided Missile weapon out of the Vault and puts it into play.

The update also adds the jetpack, guided missle and crossbow into the much-beloved Playground Mode, as well as fixing the bug allowing those on opposite teams to still see your name above your character. Thank goodness for that! Personally, I'm excited for the new Fly Explosives game-mode, even if it's temporary. I personally don't understand why Epic Games doesn't just keep these modes in the game, but I guess that would be too much fun for free.

If you would like to read more about the changes added in this patch, you may find more information at Gamespot.