A look into Silent Hill 2

I don't know about y'all, but growing up I always did enjoy watching gaming documentaries and reading up on some literature explaining techniques and tricks to development and coding on various consoles over the years, so I absolutely love when game developers release any information on their art - be it music, soundscapes, models, or even sprites.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Konami's glory days but in particular, I have a huge soft-spot for both the Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid franchise. If anyone ever asks me what my favorite games are, they're my go-to answer! Silent Hill 2 in particular was the best in the series (In my opinion). Whilst lacking in the demonic horror elements introduced in the first Silent Hill, made up for it with an engaging storyline, excellent atmosphere and a feeling of unease and depression throughout your journey through the foggy little town. No other game has spoken to me much like Silent Hill. Part of why Silent Hill works so well is because of Akira Yamoaka - the series lead sound/music production artist. Without him, the series really doesn't work out too well. But let's be honest, Konami is dead! There, I said it!

That being said, here's an entertaining look into what goes into making a game like this. Do you know of any making-of videos that you find interesting? Please leave us a comment!