16 Minutes of Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay at Ani-Com & Games in Hong Kong captured on PS4

I'll be honest, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Resident Evil fan by any stretch. I was always more interested in the Silent Hill franchise. But I will say this - this remake is looking phenomenal! Although if I had to gripe about one thing, the framerate doesn't look too great, but I really like the direction they're going with and continuing their horror formula that they've returned to upon the release of Resident Evil 7 because let's face it, before Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil became another action-oriented gore-fest that brought no real horror elements to the table.

Framerate issues aside, the game is obviously in early development so I'll cut them some slack. I'm curious to see what the future holds for this title. As a non-fan of Resident Evil, if it provides an amazing atmosphere much like Resident Evil 7 did, they'll most likely make a fan out of me yet!